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City of Glasgow Services

Here is a run down of some of the services the city provides to its citizens.  Please contact the appropriate department for more information.  The Departments tab leads to more information.  Some of the services we collaborate with can be found through the links tab as well.

Under the Department tab you will find information on water and sewer services.  The Director of Public Works supervises this department and you can find his page under departments tab as well.  If you have questions, please call 228-2476. 

Our police department has their own web page and you can find a link to it through the departments tab or through the "links" tab above.  The Glasgow Police Department is located at 80 Airport Road.  Their phone number is 228-8050.  If there is an emergency please call 911.  If you need to reach someone after hours, you can place an emergency call or call dispatch at 228-4333 

Our Recreation Department has a facebook page that can be accessed through the departments or the links tabs above.  They maintain a webiste that list recreational opportunities offered and their schedule for upcoming events.  Glasgow has a recreation center, a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, classes, weight and exercise rooms.  There are youth activities that involve outdoor sport in various partks accross the city.  Check out the website for more information or call 228-

the Streets Department is under the Public Works Department and there is a page under the Departments tab above.  If you have any questions, please call 228-2476. 

Glasgow Fire Department is located on 3rd Street S.  in Glasgow near the water department and down the street from City Hall.  If you need to reach someone in an emergency, please call 911.  Dispatches non-emergency number is 228-4333.  You can also call the city office at 228-2476 if you need information on a non-emergency basis. 

Services for City of Glasgow Residents

City parks are under the Public Works Department and is directly supervised by our streets foreman.  For more informtaion, please call 228-2476.

You can find information regarding our cemetery on the Highland Cemtery page under the Departments tab above.  Information includes policy, fees, and ordinances. For any question on locations of graves please call (406)228-2476 ext #2

You can find information regarding our animal licensing on the Glasgow Police Department page under the Departments tab above.  

Weedy lots and junk vehicles can be reported through dispatch at 228-4333 or through the Police Department at 228-8050. 

Please visit the Public Works Director page under the department tab above.  There is information on building codes and building permits along with our city growth policy. 

If you are a victim of a crime and you would like help navigating the legal system, including help with orders of protection, please contact the Police Department @228-8050.  Emergencies, call 911. 

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